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Frequently Asked Questions

So how much is this going to cost me to go flying?
It's not going to cost you anything.  I've got the plane, I'll pay for the gas, and there are no strings attached.  In fact, it's against FAA regulations for me to accept any form of payment.  Look at it this way: I'm going anyway, you just get to ride along.

Why are you offering me a free ride?
I enjoy flying.  Most of the time I end up going by myself.  I think it's fun and just want to give others the chance to experience it, and expose others to flying.

Can you teach me to fly?
No. At least not formally.  I don't have a flight instructor or commercial rating, so I can't give lessons.  But I can show you some of the basics, and it's not difficult.  Although there's a lot more to it, much of flying involves basically pointing the airplane in the direction you want to go and keeping it pointed there. I'll explain how the controls work and give you a chance to fly the plane for a bit if you want to (once we are away from any busy airspace). Most of it is pretty intuitive.

Let's say I like this flying stuff.  How hard is it to get a pilot's license?
Getting a basic pilot's license requires some time, effort, money and dedication.  It's certainly not a quick, cheap or easy thing to do, but many people from all walks of life have done it, and if you are willing to make the investments, you can probably get "your ticket" (license).  I can point you to some resources that will go into a lot more detail.

How much does an airplane cost?
That depends, and varies tremendously.  The cost to purchase a simple, small, older airplane (like mine) can be as little as the cost of a basic new car, and goes up from there (quickly).  The expression "the sky's the limit" applies here.  And although flying is never really what anyone would possibly call "cheap" (far from it), it doesn't have to be astronomically expensive (otherwise, I couldn't afford to be messing with it).