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My Airplane

My plane is a Cessna 150, a small two-seater that was designed primarily for initial flight training and modest, fair-weather trips.  It's small (some describe the seating as "cozy") and maneuverable and fun to ride in.

The Cessna 150 is perhaps the most popular and successful airplane ever made, and more pilots flying today probably started out learning in Cessna 150s than any other airplane. It's a simple, rugged airplane designed to stand up to the rough handling and hard landings that struggling student pilots typically inflict on their training aircraft.

My "one-fifty" is a 1965 model.  The 1965E model is considered by many aficionados (including me) to be the "best" year of these popular airplanes. The "E" has most of the best features of the older 150s (the straight tail and 40 degrees of manual flaps) plus the greatest feature of newer 150s (the rear window...I like being able to see behind me). In my opinion, it's the ideal combination. My plane, N6170T also has the heavy duty nose gear and large tires all around, an original interior in good condition and a pretty nice radio stack.  It has a 100 HP engine, cruises about 100 mph, and burns about 6 gallons of gas per hour, making it reasonably economical as airplanes go.

All in all, it flies quite nicely and is a very solid, honest little airplane.  I've flown it to all the far corners of Washington, most of Oregon, across the border into Canada, and down into northern California.  I look forward to making longer trips in this plane in the coming years.

Here are some pictures of my plane... 

Seven-Oh-Tango back in western Michigan, where it used to live
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70T at Darrington, WA (1S2), a quiet little strip up in the Stillaguamish River Valley, in the foothills of the Cascades. A beautiful fall day in the Northwest.
At Elma, WA in the shadow of the cooling towers of an inactive nuclear plant. At Astoria, Oregon, shooing a herd of Roosevelt Elk off the runway after landing. At Nehalem Bay State Park on the Oregon Coast, where you can fly in and camp.
Over Crater Lake National Park, in the southern Oregon Cascades. Me and my plane down in California. That's Mt. Shasta in the background. VFR over the top, looking out the back window towards the Pacific over Shelton, WA.
Copalis State Airport (S16) is a pristine stretch of beach along the Olympic Peninsula's Pacific coast, and the only designated beach landing area in the continental US. It's a delightful one-hour flight from Seattle and makes a great quick summer beach getaway. This was my first time landing on the sand (in the summer of 2004).
Sunrise in Southeastern Oregon's Alvord Desert. This was my first airplane camping trip. Getting ready for takeoff from the Alvord's dry lakebed. A friend caught me on short final for Boeing Field, coming home from a weekend trip to Eastern Washington.