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Flying Links

The internet is a tremendous resource filled with information on flying. Here are some links to aviation web sites that I have found very useful.

Pacific Northwest Flying

There are many online discussion forums for pilots and flying enthusiasts, but there wasn't any that was specifically dedicated to topics on flying in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. So I started one. Pacific Northwest Flying is a free, friendly, informal online community of pilots and flying enthusiasts discussing local and regional flying issues - anything involving flying in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. This community is active and thriving. If you have any interest in Northwest aviation, please check it out.

Northwest Flying Tips

Another site I created. I have found that some of my online flying friends who have done all their flying in quiet, rural areas are somewhat intimidated by the prospect of flying to Big Bad Seattle, with congested airspace and a series of seemingly endless restrictions. I created the Northwest Flying Tips web site to help provide them with the "local info" that they need to make a first-time flight to (or through) the Seattle area less stressful and more enjoyable. Note that this site hasn't been updated for a while, but most of what's there still applies. My lawyer says I need to tell you "not for navigation."

AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The largest aviation group in the world, AOPA is "the pilot's lobby" representing general aviation in Washington DC and a great resource of information for pilots. Also provides lots of info and resources for those interested in learning to fly.

EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association

Representing the smaller, "grass roots" end of general aviation: home-built and older airplanes, EAA hosts the annual summer Oshkosh fly-in, the world's largest air show event, and the great Arlington fly-in every July.


A tremendous online database of airports and related information. The best source of information on the price of aviation fuel. An example of the worldwideweb at its best

WPA - Washington Pilots Association

Representing general aviation in Washington state.

WSDOT - Washington State Department of Transportation, Aviation Division

The general aviation corner of the state transportation agency.

The Weather Underground

Great online resource for weather information. I find it very useful for flight planning

Airport Launch-codes

Another great aviation weather resource.

Airports I Have Known

I've set out an informal goal of landing at every public-use, paved airport in the state of Washington. There are (by my count) 104 of those. This list tracks my progress (currently 102 down, just 2 more to go!).