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Little Cayman A week of scuba diving in the Cayman Islands.
Iberia 2008 24 Days around Spain, Portugal and Morocco - with a few days in Paris at the end.
Indonesia 2007 Two weeks of scuba diving around Bali and north Sulawesi (featuring my first attempts at underwater photography).
Europe 2006 27 Days in Europe, through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.
Mexico 2003 A return trip to Mexico for more diving and exploring ruins in the jungle. This time we did the southern Yucatan region and a bit of Chiapas.
Italy 2002 21 Days up and down the whole length of Italy and Sicily. Mama Mia!
Some small photo galleries from a long trip through three amazing countries in November and December 2000.
Mexico 2000 Our first trip to Mexico, for some scuba diving and some ruin-hopping across the northern Yucatan Peninsula.
France 1999 A two-week, summer vacation whirlwind tour through some of France's top tourist spots.

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